The SA Plastics Pact brings together key players in industry, government and the NGO sector behind a common vision to drive solutions supporting a circular plastics economy, with the potential to grow our GDP. The SA Plastics Pact forms part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Plastics Pact network, a global network of national implementation initiatives aligned around a common vision and set of ambitious targets.


Please click the relevant link to download the SA Plastics Pact brochure, the business member sign up form, and our terms and conditions.


Supporting members are involved in Pact activities to identify solutions, amplify messages and cascade best practice. By signing up as a supporting member, your organisation will be demonstrating your support for the vision, aims and objectives of the South African Plastic Pact and its targets. Your organisation will also be recognising the need for local solutions that tackle plastic waste and pollution at source, in South Africa. For more info, contact us.

The benefits we have seen in the SA Plastics Pact and in Plastics Pact’s globally

  • SA Plastics Pact members demonstrate leadership and accountability, sending a clear message to consumers and other organisations that they are serious about addressing plastic pollution and waste.
  • We are able to catalyse action tailored to the South African context, taking into account the drive to create job opportunities, integrate the informal sector and increase capacity in the collection, sorting and recycling of plastics.
  • Help influence policy, research & investment by being partof a powerful collective with a common vision and targets
  • Shared accountability builds new partnerships within competitive sectors, and assists in overcoming obstacles to achieve our shared vision.
  • Benefit from local and international expertise across the plastics value chain in Pact action groups, as well as through the Pact’s clear strategy for member support.
  • Benefit from the projects, innovations and expertise from the Global Network of Plastics Pacts internationally
  • Positive publicity and a platform for showcasing positiveinitiatives by brands and businesses.

Business members are companies who handle plastics and plastic packaging at some point in their operations. These members include resin producers, packaging manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, food service companies (including restaurants), waste management companies and recyclers.

Supporting members are organisations who have regional or national influence in policy, practice or industry support towards achieving a circular economy for plastics in South Africa.