Target 2: 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable* by 2025
(*applicable only in closed loop and controlled systems with sufficient infrastructure available or fit for purpose applications).

Target 2 current deliverables:

  1. Recyclable – Design for recycling and consumer messaging (On Pack Recycling Labels (OPRLs))

Part of the work towards increasing the amount of recyclable packaging on the market is to communicate to consumers about the recyclability and the recycled content of packaging on products they purchase. To this end, the SA Plastics Pact Target 2 action group is focussed on the development, management and monitoring of On Pack Recycling Labels (OPRLs).

The Target 2 Action Group collaborates with other materials packaging industries, such as paper, glass, metal and compostable packaging, as there is significant overlap in goals and applications of OPRLs. This group is therefore not limited to only SA Plastics Pact members.

The outputs from this action group are:

  • An OPRL guideline and visual guide document to help packaging designers to correctly label items ( in current format, additional elements are in process such as the inclusion of a logo for “reuse” and “compost”),and
  • Informing the establishment or incorporation of an oversight entity for the administration and management of OPRLs in South Africa, for accountability and consistency in messaging.
  1. Reusable – Reuse Innovation Challenge

In order to increase the number of products packaged in reusable packaging items, the SA Plastics Pact is running a 2-year Reuse Innovation Challenge, which aims to roll out 2-3 new reusable packaging items or models by July 2022. Read more about the Reuse Innovation Challenge here.

  1. Compostable – including a compostable logo in the OPRLs (see more details on the OPRLs above).