70% of plastic packaging effectively recycled

Target 3 is the only target that is not under the direct control of individual members. The target of a 70% recycling rate for all plastic packaging put on the market in South Africa means that the SA Plastics Pact commits to engage and collaborate with key players beyond our membership

Target 3 current deliverables:

  1. Extended Producer Responsibility (ongoing)
  • Feed into our developing mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility system through facilitating engagements with DEFF, the Producer Responsibility Organisations, and other SA Plastics Pact members (especially retailers and brand owners) to further develop common understanding and purpose in incentivising design for recycling and the inclusion of post-consumer recycled content in plastic packaging
    • Please see links to expert Extended Producer Responsibility webinars here (SA Plastics Pact webinars and PETCO webinars)
  1. Integration of the informal sector (specific project completion July 2022)

The informal sector contributes a large proportion of the plastics that enter recyclers in South Africa, and as such are a key part of the value chain. This vulnerable sector has largely not been valued or their role properly acknowledged in the recycling of plastics in the country. In line with Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries and the Department of Science and Innovations Guidelines for Waste Picker Integration, the SA Plastics Pact has funding from the MAVA Foundation to deliver the following:

  • Synergies established with a UNIDO project delivered by the CSIR and Wits University – Training and Capacity Building for Waste Picker Integration
  • Appointment of training content developer and trainer (January 2021)
  • Development of training material for informal collectors on health and safety specifically related to COVID-19 (March 2021)
  • Development of training material for informal collectors for effective integration into municipal waste management projects (July 2021 – initial report)
  1. Growing the demand for recycled material into non-packaging plastic products (the Target 4 action group is focussing on growing demand into plastic packaging)
  • Communicating quick wins to our members (and beyond) for the inclusion of recycled content into commonly used products in their businesses, such as trolleys, baskets and buckets to support the demand for recycled material in South Africa.