70% of plastic packaging effectively recycled

Target 3 is the only target that is not under the direct control of individual members. The target of a 70% recycling rate for all plastic packaging put on the market in South Africa means that the SA Plastics Pact commits to engage and collaborate with key players beyond our membership

Focus areas

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

South Africa’s EPR legislation, instituting mandatory EPR in SA for paper, packaging and some single-use products, came into effect on the 5th November 2021. To make progress towards Target 3, it is critical for members to ensure that they comply with EPR regulations, and actively engage with Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs) to improve collection and recycling rates for plastic packaging. 

The SA Plastics Pact Secretariat provides EPR support through

  • High-level EPR guidance
  • Introductory EPR reporting support
  • Member EPR workshops 
  • Ongoing communication and engagement with the major packaging PROs 

Integration of the informal sector

The informal sector contributes a large proportion of the plastics that enter recycling plants in South Africa, and as such are a key part of the value chain. For more information

Growing the demand for recycled material

By working to increase the recycled content in their packaging, members are supporting growth in collection and recycling rates by creating demand for recycled plastics in South Africa. This will have a positive impact in making progress toward Target 3. 

A key starting point is to focus on quick wins for the inclusion of recycled content into packaging, as well as commonly used products, such as trolleys, baskets and buckets to support the demand for recycled material in South Africa.