30% average recycled content across all plastic packaging

Target 4 is an average target across all business members, given that most food and beverage primary packaging (apart from PET beverage bottles and thermoform) cannot currently include post-consumer recycled content.

The SA Plastics Pact is feeding into a project delivered by WWF-SA and SAPRO which is considering the barriers to recycling of plastics and the inclusion of recycled content in plastic packaging in South Africa. This report will be available in April to May 2021.

Target 4 current deliverables:

  • Communicate quick wins to our members and the broader industry, on the top 5-6 packaging formats with the largest markets and largest potential for the inclusion of post-consumer recycled content (publication February to March 2021).
  • Develop a Recycled Content Strategy on how the 30% target could be met in South Africa (target % recycled content by polymer/format) – linking with PROs strategy.
  • Develop case studies to showcase best practice.